The game

The game rules and variations are as numerous as the colors of the small spheres. Is usually played outdoors on hard ground. There it is easiest to fabricate with the heel a fist sized hole and the loose soil about festzustampfen again or in other variants of the usual discharge lines to be marked. For small children there is also ball tracks (also known as marble or Kullerbahnen such as Cuboro) made of plastic or wood.

Marbles of different value

Typically, the murmur assigned depending on the model a certain value. This is important because it comes with most games on an equivalent use. Simple glass marbles with a diameter of approximately 1 cm in most cases the value of one. Greater value than marbles are in the game twos, fives or tens. An important role is played by the inner workings of the Hill. Depending on the color of the introduced decorations will produce other values. Balls made of other materials such as porcelain or steel, depending on the size or reach higher values ​​than twenty-five or fifty.

The exact assignment of values ​​is handled regionally certainly different.

Ways to Play

Here are just a few of the many variants and control extracts. In other countries there are still more unusual playing techniques and goals:

Hole or single hole or Kreisje

Players will take about 5-8 steps before a fist-sized hole in the ground-up, after they have been negotiated order (rhyme or shout). Everyone throws 3 or more (depending on arrangement) clicker at the hole. Depending on the distance of each hole from the clicker will now continue to play. The player with the most housed already in the hole or the one with the hole closest to the clicker starts. He pushes the ball lying on the floor with your fingers into the hole. He missed, the next turn. Who einlocht all his balls first, or who the ball into the hole last played, is the winner and receives either all the marbles or a previously negotiated use. The loser can now challenge the winners turn to retrieve the lost marbles.


Five holes are shown on a cube dug into the earth. In each pit is now placed before the agreed use. Now everyone can try. Who meets in a hole, which receives therein marbles. Who makes the next or make into an already empty hole, the marble as the next assignment.

Dotz or Andotzen

A line marks the Standmal. A player throws from there his marbles. The other tries to take this shot through a thumb. If he succeeds, he heard the marble. He missed, the other turn. Who makes the first thrown ball, the winner.

Shot eyes

In a small circle drawn in the marble-sets each use. With closed eyes makes you look now on the circle, dropping the marble from head height. Is knocked out while one located in the district, it belongs to the meeting ends.

The same version you can play, by trying the agreed from a distance, the bullets from the ground hinauszuschnippen.


Depending on the variety you use when playing marbles several techniques:

When joint throwing the marble is loosely held between the thumb and bent index finger from the wrist and thrown to the goal.

The Daum shot the marble is on the bent index finger and the thumb is geschlenzt forward. The knuckles of the index finger rests on the ground and the hand should not be moved.
When you flick the marbles with the index or middle finger easily be flipped or (depending on distance). To this end snaps the fingers away from the thumb.
When pushing the marble is rolled with the index or middle finger to the front.
When Tuppen pressing from above with any finger on the marbles lying on the ground until it slips away to the front and losrollt with a spin.







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